RCS Investigations and Consulting, LLC, is a professional corporation whose four partners are retired law enforcement professionals with over 125 years of combined experience.  Their careers included over 50 years of supervisory and management experience while employed by one of California’s ten largest cities.  During their law enforcement careers, the partners were exposed to a variety of complex investigations, surveillances and courtroom litigation.  Experience, integrity, and confidentiality are important components in any successful investigation.

RCS Investigations and Consulting partners have extensive experience investigating criminal, civil and administrative matters.  Combined, RCS partners have managed and investigated thousands of offenses.  RCS Partners have experience working with both the public and private sectors and are prepared to assist you with any challenging issues you may have.

Our rates are extremely competitive and well within the budgets of today’s cost conscious firms and companies.

If you are seeking an experienced and well qualified investigative firm, please contact us at 714-779-2300

RCS Investigations and Consulting, LLC
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